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About Us


We started this business in 1997, proudly completing our first trim and door package for a contractor. Previously, we had been building and selling indoor and outdoor furniture, and a friend saw our talents and suggested that we start a custom finishing company. There were no finishing shops in Lancaster, PA at the time, and he was looking for a Lancaster distributor. We traveled with him to visit local builders, contractors and millworks shops and gather ideas...and we’ve never looked back!

Since that time, we’ve really tapped into our calling. Quality finishing is not just something we’s something that we are truly passionate about.



In 2014, we moved from our shop to spread out on our farm and the next generation of boys joined our company. It means a lot to keep the business in the family, and we feel fortunate to have been able to do this.


In 2017, we sold our distribution aspect to enable us to fully focus on doors and trims rather than selling supplies. We stand out by offering help with each step of the process for many customers ... from design to installation.



In 2020, we started to manufacture interior doors as well, adding to our company’s offerings. Not only do we do traditional interior doors, we offer custom interior barn doors complete with rolling tracks. Our doors are King Doors, which have long been known for their superior quality.

Looking Forward

For three generations now, our family has practiced woodworking and perfected hand-crafting the products of our customers’ dreams. We offer services to contractors, businesses, and residential clients. We’ve experienced incredible success over the years and attribute it to our focus on quality and service. Whether your next project involves custom color matching, finishing, installing, cabinets, doors, or interior barn doors...we hope it can be our next success story.


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