Custom Design: Recreating an Antique Door

When a customer approached us recently with an historic door from New Jersey, we were excited at the challenge presented:  create a replica of this unique design, to custom dimensions. 

We’re unsure of the precise history for the uncommon design,  but this frame-and-panel door features a top paned window and a special sliding panel.  The sliding panel is stored flush against the lower exterior of the door.  When the threat of stormy weather, or other danger, arises, the resident can raise the sliding panel and lock it into place, covering the fragile glass panes.  

To recreate this door, we built the frame and panels out of poplar wood.  Next, the latch and “bolt” were specially fabricated to match the original design.  The locking mechanism is comprised of a square bolt with a flat square head.  Inside, a small “L” shaped piece is fitted in to secure the panel from moving up or down.  

Wooden knobs were placed on the outside of the panel, to aid in raising and lowering it.  The end result is a fully-functioning door that matches our customer’s aesthetic and will perform well for years to come. 

We’re always happy to consult on custom door and finishing jobs like this.  Do you have a one-of-a-kind project we can help with?