New Service: Pre-Built Window Trim

At Greenfield Finishing, we are continually looking to improve and expand on our products and services.   A while back, we had the dream of creating Pre-Built Window Trim, with the goal of reducing on-site labor and mess.  After a good amount of research and testing, we’re excited to offer this cost-effective innovation to clients and contractors, alike.  

For our Pre-Built Window Trim, we begin by taking accurate measurements of the window being used.  Next, the jam and casing are all assembled in our shop.  Nail holes are filled, the wood is primed, and then the trim is ready to be sent to the job site.

With Pre-Built Window Trim, we’ve found significant benefits to both the client and contractor:

  • On-site installation time reduced by 50%!
  • Decreased labor for installation.
  • Reduces Mess On-Site – No Sawing!
  • Fewer nail holes to fill.  Just 4 holes to fill on-site from installation.
  • No Shims needed!  Frames are squared up during assembly.

Our most common material used for the Pre-Built Window Trim is currently paint-grade poplar wood, which we assemble and prime in our shop.  These trim packages are then installed and painted on-site.

We’re not limited to the type of wood, however.  This is also a great time-saving and cost-effective option for stain-grade wood with any trim profile!

Our Pre-Built Window Trim packages can significantly decrease time and labor on-site.  They are customized to each project, easy to install, and very cost-efficient!

If you are interested in hearing more about this service and speaking with our team,
give us a call at 717-397-5656.